Tuesday, November 27, 2012

.:boulevard of broken dreams:.

Why? so many reasons, but the most important is this one:

I walk alone, I walk alone!!! YAY!!!

The other reasons are awaiting further development... see you soon!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

.:coming back:.

I've noticed that since I stopped posting at the P52 I reduced considerably the number of photos taken... 
Sooooooo... I'm coming back...
This week's theme was harvest or autumn or both... here we've been having a lovely warm fall (crispy but sunny most of the days)... even the gloominess that comes with november haven't settled in so much, I'll never know if it's because of the sun or the frog princess... ;)

 One of the things I'm the most proud this year is how this young lady is coming along... she has a temper, stop. the girl thinks the world has to accommodate each and every one of her wishes... I blame the grandparents... ;)

Buuuut, we try and say no, a lot! she's sweet and kind, is always happy to share what she's got, even though mamma and papà aren't that found of chewed-on-cookies...

She loves reading, or should I say flipping through the pages moving her finger back and forth pretending to tell you a story (yes, she's even got different intonation for each part of the books... unfortunately she prefers reading backwards... go figure)

the girl is a taster! going from cat food, passing through wires to random crumbs she finds over the table at lunch time she puts everything in reach inside her mouth... the bright side? all food items included... ^^

Our sweet little pea... even if there were nothing else to be thankful for her alone would do...