Friday, January 27, 2012

.:P52 - Week 4:.

Week 4 - Self-portrait

Well, firstly let me state my case... I know I'm not in great shape right now, more accurately, I'm in a round shape right now - 25 kg more than the self I used to know... But, hey, this is the moment I'm living, and nothing is more important than what you're living in the present time...

You're what you've been, what you've lived, what you've seen... this moment is as important as any other because it's changing you, it's changing your life... why not have it registered so that you can remember it?

when I got married my parents came over from across the ocean to be part of it... My mother was a hot mess, coming from a hard year and a half, she was skinny with 42 kilos... would she want to take pictures then? NO... but I took them anyway, lots of them, every time I could grab the camera button and press it... My mother wanted me to wait, she would say: "when you come home in December we'll do that, not now, I'm not looking that good." My answer? Snapping away and saying: "you're my mother, you always look good..."

I treasure those pictures like any other, I hold them dear because those are the images of my last days with my mom... I have them registered, the walks, the laughing, the crying, because those days were filled with emotion, lots of them, different ones... the photos are not perfect, but hey, WE were not perfect then and are certainly not any more perfect now... I've lived those moments and took the time to capture them in images... and now I'm happy I'll have those imperfect images to help my memory when it starts fading away with time...

it feels good being in your memories with the ones you love, and seeing those glances, the ones full of emotion and bonding and love...


  1. Good for you! My mom always said she didn't want to be in pictures, too. Now I really wish I had more pictures of her to show to my kids.

  2. What a great way to show the theme. Congrats on your blessing!

  3. This is a great take on the theme this week! Nice job on the belly shot.

  4. Oh, what a sweet post. Adorable pictures, too.

  5. Makes me slightly sad when my daughter gets married someday, but days to treasure as well.

  6. Now I see I really need to do the same here... or I´ll miss this moment forever. Ty Van. Really. :*