Saturday, July 14, 2012

.:P52 - Week 28:.

Week 28 - Summer Treats

I'd actually thought about posting a photograph of one of the yummy summer salads we've been enjoying lately, but my sweet dear husband told me: "no way! salad is NOT a treat!!!"

even though I strongly disagree, I had to take the plunge... pity I couldn't make up my mind between a dessert or wine, so...

in-law's-house-lemon mousse with a hint of mint from our garden and chardonnay(with no black fly in it, sorry alanis) produced locally... gotta love living in veneto... ^^

linking to the P52 challenge...

Project 52 - p52 weekly photo challenge with Kent Weakley

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  1. That is a treat! Chardonnay chilled and creamy dessert, how could it not be?!