Monday, June 09, 2014

.:the one when summer begins:.

hello there!
right now there are three posts written in my notebook (and no, this isn't a brazilian mistake... it is a REAL notebook, actually a notes pad I started carrying around because I was getting bored waiting for papers to allow me to continue living my life in peace) that I'm still deciding whether or not to post... I'm also getting tired of facebook inconveniences, though I get some quick-witted amusement from it so it kind of balances things out, right?

life is moving on... as soon as I get any news on the work front you'll be able to hear/read about it...

summer has hit town! really, you know it is summer when:
- you're more than happy to live off of salad;
- walking with no shoes at home makes you smile instead of cringe;
- you feel happy when there is air conditioning and couldn't care less about fireplaces;
- a wicker hat goes better than whool;
- even I can replace coffee with ice-cream without complaining;
- the amounts of water consumed at dinner puts the wine rates to shame;
- your daughter doesn't complain when she spills water all over herself;
- You can line dry your clothes in half an hour;
- grilling meat outside doesn't sound like that good an idea anymore;
- crickets will sing you to sleep;
- carnival fairs are all over town;
- it is still light outside even as late as ) in the evening;
- I could go on and on forever...

oh, the beauty of changing seasons... ^^

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  1. A areia ainda morna nos pés = delícia. <3