Thursday, September 25, 2014

.:run, baby, run:.

ok, I didn't think it would be that much fun... I expected tiring, boring, torturous, instead I really enjoyed it... sure, I didn't get to the running bit yet, but the first day was reaaallly enjoyable, guess my humour and the attitude helped a little (as well as the playlist I got singing - yeah, can you believe it? I could even sing through it, I'm telling you, great!)

PS.: picture from the road taken today (but not from today because I'm not that coordinate to run and take photos simultaneously)

guess this was too much endorphine for one day... ;)

so let's get to some fun conversation...

#1 - on my bike incident (no it was not an accident, as it was pretty ridiculous to even be considered so)...
Me: I fell off the bike
Hubby: how?
Me: I hit the sidewalk
Hubby: again: HOW?!?!
Me: (*in a pretty low voice) a gecko was crossing the street
Hubby: you got scared?
Me: (*even lower voice) nope... didn't want to run over it
Hubby: can't believe it! Not to kill a gecko
Me: what? it is an animal... it is like when we are in the car and I tell you to swerve because there is a cat ahead
Hubby: uhum... and how many times did I swerve..
Me: none... but you are heartless
Hubby: no, if it is "kill wild life" or "pain and suffering" always choose "kill the wild life"!

#2 - when one of our neighbours waved from inside his car while we were walking by the street.
Me: who was it?
Hubby: Bob (fictional name)
Me: which one?
Hubby: what do you mean which one?
Me: there are two in our building.
Hubby: I know it, but did you miss the car he was in?
Me: no, I saw it all right. a dark car...
Hubby: vanessa, one antonio drives a ford, the other one drives a bmw...
Me: ok, I see where you're going... (pause) so which one was that?

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  1. hahahahaha eu já fui boa em saber marca de carro. Agora, pffff