Monday, February 23, 2015

.:cat bites:.

the photo has nothing to do with the post, but I know most of you come here for the photos alone, right?

this is about pets, those ungrateful beings... you love them, care for them, don't let them freeze their butts out during winter... then you decide to feed your cat vermicide because, you know, it is kind of necessary...

problem is: your cat decides she is not really into it, and reacts showing you just how much she doesn't appreciate your gesture... and there comes the bite!

stage 1: yeah, I know... I can totally sympathize... taking any kind of medicine sucks, particularly when it is thick and green...

stage 2: *when your finger still hurts and starts bleeding* wow! ok, now I'm protected against verms and parasites as well, right? yeah, right. that is a good thing...

stage 3: *when your finger starts swelling* hmmm... how many bacterias are there in a cat's mouth? There can't be that many, isn't it so?

satge 4: *when your finger is so swollen that you can't bend its tip* damn cat! hope you are not infectious... can I get rabies from a cat? really, feline, hope I don't die from an infection... you know, nobody is gonna come here to feed you!!!

and that's how the mind of an overreacting girl works...
good monday!
bye bye, winter! we are so ready for spring!

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