Friday, April 20, 2012

.:P52 - week 16:.

Week 16 - Things that grow

At first thought I wanted to get a photo of my fresh herbs, but then instead of things that grow I would have to change the assignment to "things that die"... well, this is life... so, as I believe this topic would be mostly of greenery and stuff because of blooming spring, I got this flowers shot as a symbolic picture... they're in our living room at the moment, a welcome home gift to the in-laws which they didn't want to take home...

and the real things that grow photo, our family road..

the first one is the model we've put on our wedding cake... We found it during a day out in asiago, we thought it would be meaningful and sweet on top of our wedding cake, and we could have it later at our home... sold!

the second one a little gift in between our birthdays last year, just looked right to get on with a family tradition with sweet little pea on the way... behind it is a gift from my very own sister of choice... ^^

and the last one an early wedding anniversary gift... we just figured once more little ones come our way we can always get the growing children separated models (ideally one with a cat;)

just looking at our living room display makes smile in the am hours when I'm getting up to prepare the one nighttime bottle...
we hope the family can keep on growing in years to come...
project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


  1. VERY sweet that these little figurines tell your family story. I've seen Precious Moments figurines that do the same. Are these "Willow" figurines? I've not seen any like these.

    1. yes, they're willow tree figurines...
      we're fortunate to find a vast assortment of them here, lately they've become really popular around shops here...

  2. A beautiful collection of memories.