Sunday, June 03, 2012

.:P52 - Week 22:.

Week 22 - playtime

This week I apologize for having such a lame shot... the one of me and sweet little pea playing wasn't taken by me so I guess cannot be considered...
to justify a little the absence of a decent shot, let me say I was more worried about surviving the second week of earthquakes before celebrating my b-day... here is not really earthquakes zone, but for a tropical girl not used to natural disasters other than the ones announced long before by mother nature sth you cannot predict and cannot protect yourself from is such a fright that the only real worry applicable is a heart-attack...

this explains also why we're outdoors playing... no buildings have fallen in more than 100km from here, YAY!(but let's not risk it...)

PS.: a huge hug for those in risk areas, let's hope the predictions of another month like this going on are all wrong...

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