Wednesday, September 26, 2012

.:about dreams:.

You know when you dream sth and wakes up without knowing wether it was true or not?
this happened to me today... I asked the hubby if that had really happened (so that you have an idea of the dream) and he laughed about it... turns out that before midday it was a reality and not a dream anymore... weird people are like this...

on other news we've managed to get some meat into the system of sweet little pea!!! YAY!! this is a happy carnivore mamma speaking...

just a photo of the last feeding of the day, when I get to relax on the sofa cuddling with the little lady and her bottle; and the cat comes to get strokes from SLP... I'm telling you, sweetest thing ever... (thought you'd like to know, sil... ;)

ps.: MIL still at the hospital... miss her, a lot.. =/

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