Wednesday, September 17, 2014

.:back to school:.

Hey! long time no see!

we've been busy bees with back to school week(s)... as it is her first time ever the introduction to academic life here happens in four stages:
1. one hour with parents + one hour alone
2. three hours alone
3. lunch at school
4. lunch + nap time at school

all of this is spread in a time spam of three weeks... so far we've reached stage three, and the first melt downs... I'll spill the beans and give more details when our routine has been better settled...

for the time being I'll leave with a photo for each each of school life...
first day - can you say fake smile?!

the cutest ever BFF!!! ^^

see you soon! (or not...)


  1. E a pequena cada vez mais lembra o pai qndo sorri. Acho q ia ser legal comparar fotos suas e as do Ramon crianças pra ver como se parecem. Cada hora ela lembra um dos dois. rs

    1. lol... vou colocar na lista pros proximos posts, margot (antes vamos fingir q eu tenho realmente uma lista com os proximos posts planejados... ;)
      e vou dar uma olhada nos arquivos de familia pra procurar fotos nossas pequenos... ^^