Saturday, May 26, 2012

.:P52 - Week 21:.

Week 21 - Favorites

It's hard picking one thing as your favorite... my favorite flower (daffodils) is an impossibility at this time...
but there's just one thing that does not change, my favorite thing to do is learn new things (specially learning how to do pretty things)...
ok, I'm known to start doing sth, discover I can do it well and then dropping it altogether... guess the challenge of sth new is the best part...

my take on my favorite past time this week? learning to decorate cookies with royal icing... (everything home-made)... ^^


  1. Very pretty. I'll have to show my daughter. She loves baking and frosting cookies.

  2. The royal icing is great! It takes so much practice to get the consistancey just right but yours look spot on. I like that you lined up the cookies for the picture instead of just taking a picture of one.

  3. These look way too yummy to eat, but I would :)