Sunday, May 11, 2014

.:chattery miss chatterson:.

some entries from the pea at mothers day:
bedtime story... she believes she can read, I choose not to differ...

take 1
(*at the florist's with papa picking up flowers, oh, yeah, camilla in tow)
Papa - Non uscire. resta qui dentro (don't go out. you stay inside.)
Her - va bene, ho capito. (ok, I got it)

(*sometime later lowering Camilla to smell the flowers)
Her - senti, camilla. senti che profumo! (can you smell it, camilla. what a perfume!)

take 2
(*early morning, trying to wake me up... yeah, shameful... not a morning person, nice to meet you!)
her - mamma, sei sveglia?
me - (some grunting)
her - mamma, sai? ti amo... sei la mia amica del cuore.
me - (*melting) buon giorno, scimietta! sei il migliore regalo che c'è!

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