Tuesday, July 01, 2014

.:last from the pea:.

With summer camp on there is a load more conversations going on with the,of course with her version of things...

Day 1 - getting out of school.
Me - did you play with your friends?
Her- sì
Me - who was there?
Her - martino, michele, giulia
Me - any new friends?
Her - sì
Me - do you remember their names?
Her - non lo so. (I don't know)
Me - what did you do today?
Her - martino è caduto. È scivolato sul fango e si è fatto male a alla gamba... Era tutto sporco, povero, ma la maestra è venuta e ha detto non c'è più male e lui stava mèglio. (She explained all the details of her friend slipping and hurting himself)
Me - did he cry?
Her - sì, ma la maestra l'ha fatto stare bene.

Day 2 - walking to school( guess it is worth mentioning that walking a toddler to school is nothing less than crazy, 40 minutes walk for a 3 minutes bike ride... Guess tomorrow we are sticking to the bike) we see a little girl with her backpack walking to school.
Me - look, a friend from school. Do you know her?
Her - sì, lei è cattiva... (Yes, she is a bad girl)
Me - why is she bad?
Her - lei mi ha spinta. (She pushed me.)
Me - did she apologise?
Her - non. Lei era sull'o scivolo e sono salita lei ha detto di non e mi ha spinta. E poi ha ballato. ( non. She was in the slides and i got on and she told me no and pushed me. And then she danced.)
Me (me thinking, what a devilish little tart!) - i'm sure it wasn't on purpose, but she should have apologised.
Her - sì, ma lei è piccola, non capisce. (Yes, but she is little, doesn't understand.)

Going to the grandparents after afternoon nap, she sees a dog ( or a rat, it all depends on the point of view)
Her - oh, look! A little dog! Can I pet it, madam?
Random Lady - sure! Do you like dogs?
Her - sì, ma non ho nessuno purtroppo. (Yes, but I don't have any, unfortunately)

And no, her lines are not edited... She is just the cutest thing ever, thank you very much... ;)

Ps.: sorry about the lines in italian, but I really want to have registered what she said but also how she said it all... I'm not purposefully trying to torture you with google translator... ;)

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  1. She's my little princess, so precious. I'm so proud to see how wonderfull she's doing. Congrats mommy! ;)