Friday, July 25, 2014

.:musicography - part 13:.

When I was prego I put on more than 20 kilos, and as a matter of fact, I only cared about it when my doc would complain about me not following the diet and so on and so forth... Really, I was fine, the baby was fine, so what was the trauma?

That period is sth unique... Can't explain... It was the closest to magical I could ever get, so it would bother me when people would start up a conversation saying: don't worry, you'll get back in shape pretty fast... My mind went about sth like "I am not worried about it (apart from doc appointments when I would most certainly be told off - and nobody likes that) you are..." I was thriving... How can anybody think about appearance when something so spectacular as life is happening in the most evident way?!? Clearly Italians can... 

And even though this is the setting for the music selection, no mafia related motives were included for my picking it... :p

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