Monday, July 07, 2014

.:musicography - part 6:.

It is something amazing when your friends know you that well, isn't it? Maybe it is because she has been there for most of it, but still she cares enough to remember and knows what it takes to guess things right... 

Next stop on the musicography are the years of loud music, late concerts and much dancing... It is the season in life when you can get home from a great night, after having eaten sth not so healthy at the hot dog stall, have a shower and head to work on saturday from seven to six and give some of your best classes ever (yeah, awe inspiring: not alcohol induced, mind you)

I was in two minds about this song and a samba that makes me remember CDAC, but the lyrics made more sense, and there is also a story with some cows, a whiner, a festival, one car, four girls, a long search and a motel... And that is surely sth to remember, and tell my grandkids some day... (Sorry if I got your immagination running wild, but, trust me when I say it is not as bad as it seems, just straight out fun...) oh, the memories... Kkk

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