Saturday, July 26, 2014

.:like mother, like daughter:.

The sweet little pea is a big deal around here, guess you'd know that... What you must not know about is that about once every hour she goes off crying... Why? Domestic accidents... Stupid things, like kicking the foot of the table, or hitting your shin hard against the chair... I'm used to it... I'm no stranger to it as matter of fact...

Rumour has it I've stumbled on light poles (they are just impossible to spot in advance); almost hit a horse while read-walking (because how can you stop reading the fourth novel of the harry potter series when it is your first reading and you're less than 40 pages from the end?!?); stumbled on a tree root, slided on a puddle, stuck my foot in a hole and fallen breaking my glass and ripping my skirt (progressively, one right after the other) in front of "colégio militar" when students were streaming out of the gates... Somebody out there must have wet their pants while scheduling the event, great sense of humour...

So it is just predictable that I would understand immediately when I hear her crying/complaing/going oh,oh... Today it was the couch... It just came out of nowhere... The dialogue was as follows:

*her crying holding her nose, while my husband was literally rolling with laughter.
Me: what's happenned, dear?
Her: I hurt my nose.
Me: How?
Her : The couch hit me.

*I hold her to cuddle a little and check if the nose is all right...

Him: it was hilarious, really. One second she was walking straight, then she stopped to say sth and changed direction out of the blue hitting her nose on the couch... How can she manage sth like that?!?
Me: it is normal.
Him: oh, yeah (laughing) for you two...
Me: you should know it by now, things just appear out of the blue.
Her: yes, the couch came and hit me.

A daughter to my own heart! ^^


  1. Like mother, like daughter. XD

    Sometime when I can figure out how to fix my mic and camera, remember me to tell you about a little story of mine. It's about a time when I was a apprentice of karate and the day that I face my strongest, grievous and furious defiant: The Carpet.
    Oh yes, I remember that any of kata wasn't match for it. In that day I found my second master: Gravity.

    1. I'll keep that in mind, dhi!
      ps.: thx for telling me it was you... ^^