Friday, March 21, 2014

.:crafting around:.

I can shamelessly say that we have craft supplies strewn across the house almost 24/7... yeah, it happens... sometimes they happen to be inside the cupboard or under the bed in a box for easy access or, you know, hidden from unexpected visits... ^^

father's day drawing at the in-law's

original art gallery by the pea

anyway, the point is, I love crafting, both because it is fun, I feel accomplished and it reminds me of my mum... what can I say, too many good things to let it pass by... most often than not we do something silly, like drawing and pasting... when we are daring we get to cutting stuff, or wrapping... it is just for the sake of fun time and being together doing something we both enjoy (we being the pea and me... hubby HATES anything craft, yeah, I know, ironic, he being a painter when we first met... go on, you can laugh all you want, I won't hold my breath...)
how to become an explorer? build your own binoculars... 
it is good to  know that even the simplest things amuse my toddler girl... she has been really into watering the plants the last two weeks, and what is best, the plants seem to be in better shape than when I used to be responsible for the watering... One of her favourite crafts so far are the binoculars... they now live at the grandpa's house and she explores the garden every time we are there... and they were as easy to make as it gets, first some art from the toddler herself, two rolls of toilet paper and sellotape...  voila! happy pea, happy mom... 

shame of all shames, this year I missed Saint Patrick's, and the great opportunity to explore rainbows and light and all things irish... go on: bad, bad mum... but you know what? guess I'll survive, and so will the pea... but we managed to whip up some flower work to celebrate spring time... YAY! (and a flower garland today that came to pieces among the eager little fingers during our walk... pity, the daisies were lovely...)

spoiler: it may be true that we use the same old orange crepe paper to craft, because it is pretty, and also it means that I don't have to guess when the stationer's will be open... (my, I hate their closing schedules...) 

so, a little belayed HAPPY SPRING (or fall) for you all!

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