Monday, March 03, 2014

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hey folks! are you enjoying carnival? around here is all about eating loads of fried sweets and having fun with your friends... yep, that includes wigs, wine, beer, and costumes for the little ones... 
taking into account the weather conditions of  our new old home, I decided that my daughter wouldn't go around in some puppy costume flaunting fleece and fur, it needed to have an edge to it... sth we could do together, that would cost us close to zero, and (hopefully) meaningful... 

enter our little green coat... when the little lady was born I always called her "ranocchieta", (little frog), because her legs would stay in that awkward position that reminds people of frogs and toads, besides, she was all small and weird, and froglike... the sweetest thing, I tell you... 

the result was a great frog princess adaptation... ^^

sorry about the lame i-phone photos... courtesy of dear husband before we went out... all in all the "costume" (can I call it that way?) was pretty simple to make... a little paper tissue, white fabric paint, some sharpies, craft paper and loads of sellotape... my little lady helped colour the eyes and glue it to the coat... in the end she was a whole lot proud of her handicraftness... she even spurted some "ribits" around... YAY!

as for the rest of the carnival bonus, I finally finished cleaning my inbox... ah, it looks like a whole new life, no thousands of e-mails to read, sort through and answer... job offers, please be welcome! the drawback? no more excuse to indulge myself with a little cheese and wine midnight snack while tackling the scary mailbox... guess I will have to fine another project to keep up the good work... ;)

see you in some, guys! go party like it is new year's eve!

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