Friday, August 15, 2014

.:trekking adventure:.

Today here is a holiday: ferragosto... Actually, nobody has any idea why it is a holiday... All they know is that you can get to wave the summer goodbye by eating together with your friends and enjoying some time "al fresco"...

That is what we set out to do this morning, when we found the most uninviting weather... A summer storm, in the middle of the mountains... Yeah, thumbs up mother nature! Fortunately, one of the friends in the group had a house nearby, the only drawback was that only jeep and suvs could make it through the road... Uhum, minor drawback, considering we could go fishing in the plain where we should have lunch together... Problem is: it was pouring! A fifteen minute walk through pebbles and mud with a backpack and a two-year old is not very advisable... Oh, did I tell you we were in the mountain? Like 800m up and above... Not like Recoaro, still you wouldn't want to try rumbling down the slope... ;)

So, off she went by car... Once we were done eating there was sun... I mean a hot-heart-warming-burn-your-face-kind of sun... ^^ so we went from 12° in the morning to 32° in the afternoon... Anyone feeling like it cannot possibly be the same day as one hour ago? We did... She was ecstactic playing with two parrots and a chow-chow, running around with other kids and attempting to climb up the fence to see the mountain slope (sure, minor heart attack for me here)...

We had a great time, no photos because nobody wants her daughter to go wandering around in the wild jumping off cliffs to get a closer look at the waterfall or the "cute little stream of water, mummy!!!"

On our way back I am glad to report that she made it down back to our car all by herself (running and jumping against my better judgement, still kind of difficult to keep pace with a backpack holding you back...) and me? So happy to know we go go treeking without me having to carry her all the way, sure, better try up the hill before going long distances though... Just to be sure... ^^

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