Sunday, September 28, 2014

.:it's a hard pets' life:.

... in our household...

first of all, I'd like to remind you of our cute cat pet friend: Flea

she's a cutie, isn't she? a kitten, full of energy and sharp claws and teeth(or should I say fangs for their efficiency?)

at this stage of life she's come to understand that our little lady is not to be pestered on, and when she decides to play nicely the best way to make it out is to endure whatever comes your way as bravely as you can manage... run not, fight not!

yeah, our cat has decided that the safest place to be is among sweet little pea's toys, maybe she can just pass by unobserved... or not... but it is worth trying (well, with a tireless toddler around you'd better try anything to preserve your sanity)...

and then, when all is peace and quite let me introduce you to Poly (the parrot, yeah, how original! it was supposed to be Circus, because, you know, a cat and a bird in the same small apartment?!? "flea circus"!!! hellooo... but alas, I was outnumbered, so Polly it is... )

she arrived at our humble abode yesterday, and let's just say that running in the afternoon to scape a little bit the chaos that has installed itself at home was a REALLY good idea... ;)  (ps.: that gig is going pretty well, if I may say so... when I get to the end of it I just want to start over again... ^^ I'll let you know as soon as I hit the part in the program where I want to kill whoever got it planned... )

So, now we're in the count 4X1... Female domination... buahuahua... the pets have behaved so far, but let's be honest, the've been around each other for barely 24 hours... so here is hoping for the best (as in, the cat doesn't eat the bird, the toddler doesn't decide to make the bird fly or teach the cat how to hunt)...

a pretty ordinary life... =)

And just because I couldn't help republishing an old photo after uploading the last shot... the eyes are still the same... lovely little lady...

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