Monday, October 27, 2014

.:musicography - part 15:.

and we are back! you thought this series would be over, didn't you?
the moment asked me to post this song...

last year we spent a year in Brazil... it was momentous... it was memorable... it was bittersweet... I used to sing this song as one of my daughter's lullabies (now she asks for three different versions of "do you wanna build a snowman" and "let it go", I know, why do they grow?!?)... anyway, it was a different year for people all over Brazil, they were moving (internally too), speaking their minds, raising awareness for what was not working right... it looked like the country was boiling something worth fighting for...

and then came the world cup, and elections' year... the result became known yesterday... what can I say? I cling to the idea that there is still a country that remembers what is to stand up for what you believe in... I want to know that there are still people willing to fight and, more importantly, to UNDERSTAND what it is they are fighting for... I'm wishing on enlightenment, and now, where I am, with the news I read, all I can do is hope...

"mas sei, que uma dor assim pungente
nao ha de ser inutilmente
a esperança dança, na corda bamba de sombrinha"

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