Wednesday, April 02, 2014


yesterday the little lady had her first library experience... we are glad to report that she had a surprisingly low number of happy outbursts (aka screaming at the top of her lungs to show just how glad she is), that number being two... the first one when she saw how many books there were in the place and discovered she could really touch them, the second moment when she found the Peppa Pig section (that is what I call going downhill)...

we managed to leave the place with only 7 borrowed books, I was really surprised, and my back thanked for the low number (we are allowed to borrow up to 30 books at once)... going back home I dutifully told her a story from one of the borrowed books (guess which one, yep, shameful) while she relaxed on her stroller... I knew reading upside down would be handy outside classrooms sooner or later...
that's how geniuses work

I love she is interested in things around her, and entering the what is it? and why? phase... it sums up to fun elaborating answers... you ask me how? one example:
Little Lady: (while pointing at poppies)
Me: those are poppies... they are red flowers which grow in the fields and make people happy... ^^
yeah, sil, broken toy... that is all her doing, not a finger from mamma in the lining up

Yep... I'm that kind of mum who gives their children unnecessary info that will come back and bite me someday in the future... I just can't help it... too much fun...

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  1. Vanessa ela esta uma fofura! E um viva para as mães que incentivam seus filhos :)