Wednesday, April 09, 2014

.:random post:.

scenes that come up in our family:
Scene one: *Little lady lying in MY bed, feet crossed, tv on just before dinner... 
me: vieni a fare il bagno? (let's have a shower?)
her: non, mamma.. 
me: e perché non? (and why not? - when I really wanted to say : e chi c**** pensi di essere per dirmi di non?!?, italy has been affecting my wished reactions... all that mediterranean groove... )
her: sto guardando pimpa... (I'm watching Pimpa)
me: Thais!!! (angry menacing tone, or so I thought)
her: va bene, mamma... pazienza... (all right, mum... patience...)

Scene two: *little lady looking at one of my poor plants...
her: mamma, il fiore è stanco? (mum, is the flower tired?)
me: non, è morto... (no, it is dead)
her: *jumping around with dolls and singing local song "maramau perché sei morto, quando il vin non ti mancava?"

Scene three: *riding with dad and me 
her: cos'è? (what's that?) *pointing at poppies...
me: sono dei fiorellini rossi che crescono nei pratti e fanno le persone felici... (they are red flowers that grow in the fields and make people happy...)
her: anche io! (me too)

Random fact for a random post, did you know that pupils dilate when a person finds sth attractive? Yep, light is one factor to cause dilated pupils, poisoning another, then effects of drug use, among others... Again, I had always imagined what caused this effect on cats, you've been there, when they hunt the colour in their eyes practically disappears, the pupils turn round where they were only slits seconds before... Excitement of the hunt makes it magic, involuntary body reaction... Now, there, I've got the answer... And also maybe how my husband knows how to drag me from a bookshop before too much damage is done to our pockets... Yeah, the pupils could be a sure give away, given that you can't controll it and all.. Again, one can always plead to be poisoned, or high...

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