Wednesday, May 07, 2014

.:pick me up:.

our camera has an issue with the lens/focus/whatever-it-is-that-I-don't-get... so I've been using it on manual, but let me tell you, a myope trying to get the focus right when not wearing glasses is something laughable on its best... so, please excuse the photos...

yesterday we tried something new here at home: preparing tiramisù (which literally translates as 'pick me up')... promising, right? and to make things better we decided to involve all the three of us... yep... and again, if you tried preparing something for the first time together with your significant other and a small one around congratulations, you've mastered negotiation and patience degrees... we may have some dessert or wine to celebrate the achievement, your pick! ^^

on other news, today is the 10th anniversary of the last episode of friends... and what better way to honour the tv show than watching it while ironing? I know, high level, right? and if you consider the amount of clothing involved maybe I will be lucky enough to get to watch all of the ten seasons... yay for me!
I blame my ocd side... the tiramisù helped me get the journey going on... change of seasonal clothing+displacing the wardrobe to treat the mold behind it originated a hot mess of clothing items here... and just because I couldn't simply put them all back inside the wardrobe, they are all now on the ironing waiting list... 

at least I have happy breaks with the pea... yesterday she managed to put on her pyjamas all by herself (ok, to be fair, the pants were inside out, but I let her be and made a big fuss of congratulating how grown-up she'd been...) 

they grow up so fast... *snif, snif...

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