Wednesday, May 14, 2014

.:3... 2... 1... launch:.

The sweet little lady has officially been invited to take part in the summer camp! yay! 
meaning we have a month to get rid of the nappy... uh oh! I foresee lots of moping in a close future...

apart from this big leap there are some things I'd like to get settled before she goes back to school, such as eating habits... when in brazil she would eat what I gave her and be happy about it... 
lentils? check!
tomatoes? check!
beans? check!
lettuce? check!
peas? check!
carrots? check!
cucumber? check!
spinach? check!

in Italy? not so much... she eats only meat and pasta... hey, don't get me wrong, I could live off meat only easily just get the pork and lamb on the grill... the problem is, she needs other stuff as well, and the lady has become THE MOST picking eater... I've been trying everything but to force feed stuff down her throat (yeah, the thought has crossed my mind, but she is way too cute and persuasive for me to do that)... the list goes with helping with the preparation (both of us love that part!), choosing fruit and vegetables in the street market, beautifying her dish, keeping left overs to offer her again and again (I gave up on that one when she was served chickpeas, carrot and fish for breakfast from the day-before lunch... it made me literally nauseous so I thought maybe we could do without that technique... ) anyway, I'm stubborn... more than her, much more years practicing... ^^ she will cave!

another thing to be worked on before nursery school is her timing... just like her mother the girl takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r no matter what she is doing and she can just do one thing at a time (uhum... totally aware, sil... children see, children do... I'm working on that too... ok, that was a lie, but SHE is... ;)

I gotta give my thumbs up for her organizational skills, experimenting and management, though... see the picture above? ok, couple of things to notice:
1. she is most efficient with her right hand, but she's taken to using her left one whenever she can without making to big a mess out of it... (just love this pretty little lady9
2. notice how she paints with only ONE hand keeping the other one clean to do other things? (yeah, I'm beaming while I type this ^^)
3. the round blue lines were done with the help of a brush... yay fine motor skills!!! (now for the bragging mamma in me: mastering circles at the age of one? shut up! she will be a da vinci!)

we got to work on colour mixing this morning and as a treat she could choose her favourite colours at the stationers this afternoon to paint some... the first colour she picked was pink... the girl is clearly obsessed! what happened to all my encouragement to like blue? and orange? and green?

this was my attempt to show her that getting her hand dirty she could make a print with it... as you can see clearly, it didn't work... I kept smudging her hand in paint and she kept cleaning it with a tissue... she's got some issues with things dirty, but guess she will get over it pretty fast at nursery school... they will be working with peter pan... getting to know one character a week for a month... I'm really curious to see who will be left out... my best guess would be peter, wendy, tinky, and hook... but let's see, I'll let you know...

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