Tuesday, June 03, 2014

.:the fun side of it:.

Just a bit of married life chattering...

Old pictures, all of them

Take 1 - going to the beach at 7 am.

Him - guess the tempetrature now.
Me - 27º C
Him - heartily laugh
Me - you'd better tell me something aroung 30 if we are going to the beach.
Him - 16º
Me - do you italians even understand the concept of sunbathing?

Take 2 - walking in the underground station just out of the embassy.
Me - have men in Milan completely lost the skill of talking eye to eye?
Him - why?
Me - they were mostly likely looking for something in my cleavage. Is it that revealing?
Him - no, but that is the point, isn't it? They don't see enough so they have to take a better look and imagine what it is like.
Me - seriously, men are pig. And you are ok with that?
Him - why not? I get to see them.

Take 3 - watching the cartoon channel with our daughter.
(Ad on tv) "celebrate with us peppa is 10"
Me - now, you'd think with ten years worth of cartoons they would show different episodes.
Him - yeah, but maybe the one who created it died... (Pause) you know what? I'm positive he was killed, they just couldn't take peppa anymore and shot him dead.

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