Thursday, July 16, 2015

.:thunder and lightning:.

When will you get it?
When will you understand that it is not about the ring, but about the gesture behind the asking?
when will it down on you that it is not about sacrificing who you are, but embracing who both people can be?
when will you get that it is not about bringing flowers, but it is about making whatever it is you are bringing matters, because the person you are giving it to matters. It is about caring to know each other, to know each other so well that you can feel it without much thought and just know what will bring a smile to their faces, or what is off limits. It is not about laying down gifts, it is about investing what is the most precious thing you have: time; and enjoying it together.
when will you see that life is not perfect, that you will waste it if you just keep waiting for perfection to happen and frowning upon what is real.

It is not about expecting there won't be any storms, but knowing they will end eventually and facing them. And while they last, why not roar back to the thunder, or dance to its rhythm, hand in hand?

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