Tuesday, July 22, 2014

.:musicography - part 11:.

Buble proves that something good can come from canada (in spite of what you heard cartman say)... my husband and I have a deal: I get michael and he gets claudia schiffer... for me it is quite fair, considering all of us are happily married and with cute kids the odds are in our favour... ^^

as for the choice of the song, I wanted to tackle sinatra and new sinatra in the same blow, but "you're nobody till sb loves you" didn't speak to us at all... we were somebody, and good happy somebodies, before meeting... I guess for us falling in love was an important part, but not the whole... it changed our axis, and that is the best explanation I can come up with... both times we just had to sort out our priorities... things fell into new life boxes so that the whole of it would still make sense... but first there was only the two of us, then there was the pea in the mix, and I can tell you, falling in love with those two felt great, and feels great every time I allow it to resurface...

why every time I allow? because it is a choice... I can choose to marvel in the small tidbits that make me love them or I can focus on every annoying habit that drives me up the walls... It is quite easy to go one route or the other, and truth be told, I'd rather go the route that makes me the happiest... ;)

a toast for the perfection of life in its own imperfections, and for having people that make you sing like nobody is watching you (because, hello, who doesn't make a fool of himself when singing to a favourite tune? and yes, we've been know to scare people in the highways because of our - my - crazy singing habits... in his defence, he still needs to learn some, but is very supportive and can embrace craziness in his life like a champ... =)

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