Tuesday, July 15, 2014

.:musicography - part 8:.

Next on is : alanis (aka "a gritadeira!")... what can I say? Love screaming along with her tunes... My broommate knew it, her manfriend knew it, even my mother knew it (poor her, she certainly got her fair share of shout singing on her days... )

funny how it is not "hand in my pocket" the chosen one, even though it is my favourite to sing (along with "ironic" which talks about anything and everything but irony... yeah, I'm pitching to buy alanis a new dictionary for her bday, thank you very much)

so, the choice, girl meets boy; they get together; she falls for him; he falls for another one (did I mention it happens  before boy meets girl? hmmm... thought so) and they have a baby; girl turns deluded, angry, and goes ballistic; and eventually gets over it... I guess everybody who is somebody knows how these things go...

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