Wednesday, July 16, 2014

.:musicography - part 9:.

DISCLAIMER: very old photos following!!! thanks for your attention, we can now continue... 

and today brings my love for musicals and soundtracks... ask me who sings a song and I may give you the name of three different singers trying to guess it right... ask me in which film it was featured and I can tell you the film, scene and what happens before and after said song... it sucks, I know, but I was born this way... (yeah, that is a lie too... but I blame disney - more specifically The Lion King - first ever video owned by me... and guess what, it was full of songs!!!)

see, margot? flip flops, that was the day I told you about... ;) 

as for the setting, well, it has nothing to do with the film itself, but the overall mood of the song... it reminds me of the drama club... if you didn't take part in it I'm so sorry, your life will never be complete... ^^

the trio... work, beer, snooker...

jokes aside, it was a great time at work, when I had the most amazing groups ever, I used to have fun in each and every class, so much that you would see me heading to work on friday night (no, I didn't work on fridays, but loved it so much a friend and I started a group called Drama Club to work with students on weekly meetings) to have a go at theatre...

drama club in Uglylilly

What wasn't my surprise when I loved it, and so did the students... funny how every meeting would feature one of us (and most often than not) all of us answering a question with a song and have it go on forever... uhum, a very enthusiastic group... and I miss it greatly deeply... I was lucky enough to realize it was a great moment in my life and got to enjoy each and every minute of it...

cue the T-shirt: "atras do trem as tropas vem trotando" <3

I'm happy to report that, from the drama club group at least five students that I know of have become teachers... And I so fool myself imagining this experience had some influence on them... a dreamer will dream, right?

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